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austen20in20's Journal

austen 20in20
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20 icons made in 20 days related to Jane Austen


Every month participants will be able to claim a Jane Austen movie, book adaptation, character or ship and make 20 icons, which will have assigned themes. You will have 20 days to make 20 icons.

Sign Ups, Themes & Voting

Once the call for sign ups is posted, you are allowed to claim via a comment with your username and your claim (plus an alternate). An alternate is only needed in case your claim has already been taken before the participant list is updated. Your claim is what you will work on for the 20 days. Should decide to change your claim, you must let me know as soon as possible.

The theme breakdown are as follows: Ten (10) icons will have a given theme that are changed each round followed by five (5) icons that are part of a set which will include a category. The final five (5) icons will be artist choice. All themed icons are open to interpretation and can be whatever you see fit so long as it falls within your claim.

Voting will be broken down by theme, category and artist choice. All will be voted as icons and as well as groups (with the exception of the 10 themed icons).

Interested in being an affiliate? Please reply to this post.
bigbang20in20 blonde20in20 bones20in20 character20n20 childhood20in20 costume20in20 costume_awards costumelims dorama20in20 free20in20 fringe20in20 gals20in20 glee20in20 gwtw_stills icompete ilove20in20 lims_movie ncis20in20 redhead20in20 sanctuary20in20 sherlock20in20 sprntrl20in20 stargate20in20 startrek20in20 swordandsandal thebau20in20 the_histories the_iconawards tvd20in20 vampires20in20 vintage20in20 whedon20in20 woz_stills xfiles20in20 austen20in20 bigbang20in20 blonde20in20 bones20in20 character20n20 costume_awards costumelims dorama20in20 fringe20in20 gals20in20 glee20in20 gwtw_stills ilove20in20 lims_movie ncis20in20 redhead20in20 rococo_aquatic sanctuary20in20 sherlock20in20 sprntrl20in20 stargate20in20 startrek20in20 swordandsandal thebau20in20 the_iconawards tvd20in20 vampires20in20 whedon20in20 woz_stills scenes20in20 onlytext20in20 multilvl20in20 knightley20in20 history20in20 chuck20in20 gaga20in20 lost20in20 lookingback_ic rand_icontests kate20in20 adapted20in20


01. Animation is allowed
02. Icons submitted must fit LJ standards: 100x100 pixels in either jpg, gif, or png format and must be under 40 kb.
03. You can claim only once (1) per month and you cannot reclaim your subject consecutively (meaning if you claim Darcy in Round 1 you cannot reclaim Darcy until Round 3).
04. Your icon post can be linked to your journal ONLY if it is not a locked post. You can lock your icon post once results are announced.
05. Since icons and icon makers are known upon viewing-no voting for friends or because you like the icon maker. Take all the icons into account and then vote accordingly.
06. Claims are on a first come, first served basis. Multiple claims will not be allowed unless a different adaptation is being used.
07. When submitting your entry please use a 3 icon preview and place the rest behind a cut!
08. Other information of interest:
Uncompleted Claims: If you do not complete a round for whatever reason (medical, family emergency, etc.) you will not be able to sign up for the next round, but can for the round after that. For example if you sign up for Round 4, but do not complete it you will not be able to sign up for round 5, however; you can sign up for Round 6. You also will not be able to sign up with the claim you did not complete.
Sign ups Open: First week of the month
Entries due: Saturday night 20 days from when sign-ups close Midnight EST (see WORLD CLOCK
Voting Poll posted: Saturday or Sunday morning
Voting Ends: A week after voting goes up at 11 pm EST
Results Posted: Sunday night or Monday afternoon
Banners Posted: No later than a week after the winners have been announced


Profile by: resplandor | Stylesheet by: velvetb0x | Inspired by: celeb20in20 | Header by: kf_creations | Profile header by tsuu | Lost in Austen mood theme by: red_temptation

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